Hugh B. McCain

Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 25 February 1893


It becomes the painful duty of the editor of THE JOURNAL to announce the death of his venerable father, Hugh B. McCain, which occurred at Westfield, Hamilton county, late Friday night, February 17, at the advanced ago of 80 years and 19 days. The wife of his youth with whom he had walked for nearly fifty-six years, and five of their nine children still survive. All but ore daughter, living in Kansas, were at his bedside when he passed through the gates to that “undiscovered country.” For more than sixty years he had been a church communicant and during all that time he had endeavored to follow in the footsteps of his Master. Although not free from the errors subject to humanity he fought the good fight and kept the faith. When the summons came, dreadful to all but him, serenely he laid down the burden of life and passed through the shadow of the valley. With a calm confidence in that sure reward that awaited him, he folded up the book of life and bound it with the golden clasp of faith in a glorious immortality. Time speeds us each with swift and tireless flight toward the land of shadows and forgetfulness. Men seldom think of the great event of death until the shadows fall across their own pathway, hiding from their eyes the faces of loved ones whose smile was the sunlight of their existence. Whatever may be said or thought of us when life’s transient day is o’er, may it be our lot, as it was his of whom we now write, to leave behind the heritage of a good name, the legacy of a life well spent. to his children and his friends he is no more. Nothing is left but his memory and his example. May they cherish the one and emulate the other.


From the same newspaper:

Death of H.B.McCain

Word was received this morning that H. B. McCain, the venerable father of T. H. B. McCain, died at hie home at Westfield on Feb. 17 at 9 o’clock. For a week he had been lingering between life and death, and the end was a relief as he suffered very much.

Mr. McCain was 80 years and had lived a long and useful life, spent mostly in Boone, Hamilton and Clinton counties. For years he was a minister in the Wesleyan church but of late years has been retired on account of bad health. His wife and five children survive him.

Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 15 February 1901
Mrs. Minerva McCain died Monday night at 11 o’clock at the home of her son, Dallas McCain, near Westfield, the cause of death being extreme old age. She was born November 22, 1814, and was over eighty-six years of age She was well known in Crawfordsville, having made her home here with her son, the late T. H. B. McCain, for several years. The children surviving her are Dallas McCain, W. L. McCain and Mrs. Wm. Montgomery, all of Hamilton county. The funeral occurred near Westfield Wednesday morning.


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